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Welcome to Hawgstock. We love to party, HOME OF THE SHOWER STAGE,

was started by Paul & Cathy Taylor, it is the result of a lifelong dream.   

Besides painting and other interests, Paul is also an avid motorcyclist.  He has attended and enjoyed various
rallies throughout the country.  He thought it would be fun to try his own rally, which would also give another
purpose to his farm.   

He continued to talk about it until, one day his wife Cathy told him “let’s  just do it."   So, Paul  and Cathy sat
down and brainstormed for a name.  They wanted a name that said both motorcycles and music.  Thus, the
HAWGSTOCK Motorcycle Rally was born.

Attending many other rallies was part of the homework needed to start.  Muddling there way through all the
legal mumbo jumbo needed to put on an event of this size was a challenge.  Parts of different rallies that
were liked  were applied to
HAWGSTOCK.   Friends and other rally goers were asked (and still are) for
their opinions and suggestions.  Paul and his wife, Cathy, vow to make the rally  better every year.

HAWGSTOCK has something to offer everyone, whether you are a biker or not.  Everyone is welcome and
encouraged to camp on the grounds.  Live music is a big part of the weekend.  We have scheduled several
bands for the duration of the event.  Contests, bike show and the poke her run on Saturday, also keep the
crowd entertained.  The field events Saturday afternoon are as fun to watch as they are to participate in.  
Food vendors will keep your stomachs full and the merchandise vendors will keep your wallets empty.  The
surrounding rural area makes for a beautiful afternoon ride to see the area attractions.   Iowa is not all corn
fields and hog lots.  Come visit us this August, get this event on your calendar now.   

Let’s Party!

Admission for the entire weekend is $40 per person.  Price includes tent camping, hot showers,
entertainment, field events and contests.  Again, there is a support vehicle (non motorcycle) charge. You may
bring  your pick up or car onto the premises, but not into the campground, there is an extra $50 support
vehicle charge for those vehicles and an additional $50 charge for trailer parking.  For everyone's safety, non
motorcycle vehicles and all trailers must stay parked, and not move unless you are coming or going!  

Again this year, there is a designated areas for RV's and motor homes. There are no electrical hookups
spaces  for RV's available.  We are in hopes of adding some electrical hookups in the future.  For now
generators are welcome, but we will not tolerate them running non-stop, please be considerate with them.  
These spaces are limited,  first come first served.  RV’s and motorhomes will be charged an additional  
$100.00 support vehicle charge and must park in the designated non electrical RV camping area.
(NO RV's or motor homes will be allowed in general bike camping area).  
There is a designated area for RV's and motorhomes.
Again, we ask that non motorcycle traffic be kept to a minimum.  We want everyone's camping experience to
be safe and enjoyable.

You must be at least
21 years of age to enter. ID's are required, and must be carried at all times.
This is an "adult" event.  Beer and ice will be sold on the premises.    

HAWGSTOCK is a motorcycle rally (all makes and models are welcome), music, fun and most importantly,
people who enjoy all these things.  We invite all people who love to have a great time and know how to treat
other people as they would like to be treated to attend our rally…

As with any rally, we have a few basic

If Nudity & Vulgar Language Offend You, Stay Home!!!!

No Dogs/Pets....No ATV's/Golf Carts...
No Weapons....No Firearms, No Explosives,
No Glass containers, No Fighting.  
NO Attitudes!  

Security will be on premise, federal, local
and state laws apply.

Lets all stay safe and have fun!